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Curriculum at The Levels School

The motivation behind The Levels School is to provide high quality, inclusive education for individuals who have been adversely affected by their dyslexia and other co-occurring difficulties. Many join the school below age-related expectation for English and/or maths, resulting in low self-esteem and accompanying anxiety.


The Levels School delivers a differentiated curriculum to KS2, KS3 and KS4 which tallies with our students’ levels of ability, interests and aspirations. The curriculum is tailored to our students’ individual needs based on a bespoke provision to meet their learning differences. In addition to their learning needs and as a consequence of these difficulties, some students may have missed large aspects of their education prior to attending The Levels School. As a result, they begin their education here with levels of achievement possibly below average. We aim to work with them and support them to fill any significant gaps resulting from missed education.  


The Levels School is committed to the philosophy that each student should:

  • Have a positive experience of learning

  • Understand that barriers to learning can be overcome

  • Enjoy their learning and remain resilient to succeed

  • Show continuous progression and improvement

  • Achieve their full potential

  • Have sufficient key skills and self-esteem to approach new situations confidently

  • Be happy in their learning

Ks3 Subjects

Several Open Books
Test Tubes
Trees From Above


Meditation by the Sea

Ethics & Philosophy

Sports Socks

Physical Education

Cooking Class

Food Skills

Typing on a Computer
Kneedles and Yarn

Fine Motor Skills

Math Formulas
Hilltop Castle
Painting Brushes

Visual Communication

Colored Theatre Lights

Performing Arts

Forest Path

Outdoor Learning

Girls Talking

Social Skills

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KS2 Curriculum

We provide a high quality, inclusive education for all individuals.

KS4 Options

We offer a range of engaging options for KS4.


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