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Therapy Provision at The Levels School

The therapy team is an integral part of the holistic and collaborative approach at The Levels School. We have two Speech & Language and two Occupational Therapists on site, who, between them, have a vast wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise. All staff at The Levels School work closely together to support and nurture our students in order to help them develop the courage, compassion and creativity that is the core of the TLS ethos. Having therapists on site at all times, during the school week, allows us to discuss ideas, thoughts, or concerns across all specialist areas so that advice, knowledge and experience benefits everyone, and supports the social and academic achievements of our students. 

Direct Occupational and Speech & Language Therapy is charged separately to school fees. However, the therapy team at The Levels School are an integral part of the curriculum, so some services are included within the school fees. Please see below.

Autism Therapy

Included within school fees at no extra cost:

Every child will be given an occupational therapy and speech & language therapy assessment upon arrival to the school to determine their individual needs.

Assessment Procedure

Step One

No pupil will be assessed until written consent is in place. Once consent to assess is gained, the students will be given comprehensive assessments within the first term of starting at The Levels School in both Speech & Language and Occupational Therapy.

Assessment Procedure

Therapy Life

Many students visit the Therapy Team weekly and this is part of normal everyday TLS life. 

Termly targets are set jointly by each therapist with the individual student to ensure a good focus for the work which needs to be done. Targets are added to the the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP) at the start of term so that all staff, together with the students, have the necessary information to help each student achieve their maximum potential across all aspects of their school day.  

Therapy Life

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists will support students with physical and sensory skills. These may include fine motor skills, gross motor skills, motor planning and organisational skills, visual perceptual skills, the impact of any sensory processing issues on their everyday life and learning and independence skills.  


Speech & Language Therapy

Our Speech & Language Therapists support students with communication and interaction skills. This may include expressive and receptive language, understanding the sounds of spoken and written language (phonological processing), auditory and working memory, attention and listening skills, auditory processing, verbal and non-verbal communication and social skills. Cross-curricular support is provided in any area, but particularly in English and science due to their heavy reliance on language and new vocabulary.  


Therapy within the Curriculum

Girls Talking

Social Skills

Kneedles and Yarn

Fine Motor Skills

In The Curriculum

Professional Bodies

By law, all of our therapists must be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) which regulates health and care professions in the UK. Individually, each profession has its own professional body. Details of these are below: 

Professonal Bodies

The appearance of the RCSLT and RCOT member logo on this page is for promotional purposes only and does not constitute RCSLT/RCOT endorsement of the product of services being offered.

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