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Fine Motor Skills at The Levels School

The aim of the Fine Motor Skills Group will be to develop and improve fine motor control in order to help students improve their daily function both within school and at home.


Fine motor control is the ability to use the hands and fingers accurately whilst carrying out a skilled activity. As children develop and explore, they learn where and how their fingers are moving in space. They develop their sense of touch, learning textures, pain, heat, cold, etc. Children also need to develop hand strength and visual spatial perception (judging the size, shape and distance of objects). Co-ordinating the two sides of the body and hand dominance are also important when carrying out fine motor tasks. Students also have to be able to organise, plan and carry out a sequence of unfamiliar motor tasks in order to undertake many fine motor activities e.g. writing, playing games and dressing.


All students who require fine motor skills work will attend a fine motor skills group once a week run by one of our specialist Occupational Therapists. The Fine Motor Group will aim at looking at which area a student needs to work on and develop their skills through a variety of activities carried out within the group. The Occupational Therapist will devise a programme based on each individual student’s needs.

The Fine Motor Skills group is part of the student provision for those students whose assessment scores indicate need and the cost is included within the school fees.


Downloadable Resources

If you're looking to support your child's fine motor skills at home, try these free downloadable resources made by our in-house therapy team. 

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