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KS3-4 School Day

Staff Briefing - 08.30 - 08.40

Tutor Time - 08.40 -09.10
Lesson 1      - 09.10 - 10.00
Lesson 2     - 10.00 - 10.50
Break          - 10.50 - 11.10
lesson 3      - 11.10 - 12.00
lesson 4      - 12.00 - 1.40
Book Club  - 1.40 - 14.00
lesson 5       - 14.00 - 14.50
lesson 6       - 14.50 - 15.40

After School Club - 15.40 - 16.15

KS3-4 School Day


Students arrive to school between 8.15 and 8.30am and are dropped off at the rear gate, via King's Lane. At 8.30am, the gate is shut and the students will be walked down to the main school by a member of staff. They will be registered at reception before heading off to tutor time. 


Lessons, Break and Lunch

Lessons are 50 minutes long and there are 6 lessons a day, adding up to 30 lessons a week. In keeping with the calm environment we provide, there are no bells. Lessons end at the reasonable discretion of the teacher, enabling a calm ending.

First break is scheduled at the same time for the whole school and is 20 minutes long. Lunch is staggered for KS2 (years 4-6) and KS3-4 (years 7-11), enabling students to relax and play with children their own age. 

Lessons, Break and Lunch

Book Club

Book club is for the whole school every day. At The Levels School, we recognise creativity as one of the superpowers of dyslexia. We want to fire our students' imagination and promote a lifelong love of learning. During book club, students get an opportunity to engage with a diverse range of stories in a variety of ways. We use audiobooks, group reading, film clips, discussions and storyboards to empower all children to be able to access books. 

Book Club

Enrichment Clubs

Lesson 6 ends at 3.40pm. There is provision at the end of the day for students to decompress in after school clubs. These run from 3.45-4.15pm. Students on transport provided by The Levels School leave school at 3.40pm. Students that travel home in taxis provided by Somerset Local Authority leave at 4.15pm. Students that travel home in taxis provided by other Local Authorities can negotiate pick up times accordingly.


Clubs are on offer to students between 3.45 - 4.15pm Monday to Thursday. We offer a variety of activities, including creative and performing arts, science, games and sport.

All clubs are optional, and parents can choose to collect their children at 3.40pm or 4.15pm. We are a family-orientated school and as such advocate time for students to have downtime at home with their families. We are aware that many of our students are vulnerable and anxious about their education. Close contact with home is a support for many of them. Many of our students travel for up to an hour to/from school. Even within our specialist setting students tire as the day/week/term/year progresses.


We value the time spent together as a community outside of lesson time. Every Wednesday afternoon through lesson 5 and 6 we come together as a community for a wide range of enrichment activities. These include STEM, Gardening, Warhammer/D&D, Sports, Yoga, Film/documentary Club, Arts/Crafts and Games. In the winter term there are lunchtime clubs to support less structured times where we are not always able to access the outside spaces. Additional enrichment activities occur throughout the year through trips out and having visitors in.

LAMDA is offered during tutor time for those that are interested with music/singing lessons provided by our peripatetic music teacher once a week (with an additional charge).


Timetables that support an extended transition

We recognise that some of our students need a flexible timetable to support a successful transition. This is a vital way of accessing education for many students. Our students are working incredibly hard throughout the day to focus on their studies using strategies to overcome poor working memory, sensory overload and slow processing. Even with specialist strategies put in place, the cumulative effect of all of these difficulties can lead to exhaustion. Our school day is intended to provide flexibility to allow us to offer a bespoke provision tailored to each student – e.g. shorter days for those that need it, along with many opportunities to excel through extracurricular activities such as the creative and performing arts, science, games and sport. The aim of a reduced timetable that supports transition is to gradually build to a full-time timetable as and when the student is ready.

Part Time Timetables

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