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What options are there for GCSE pupils?

In addition to core subjects we have the flexibility to provide a range of subjects for individual pupils. By providing your preferred options to The Levels School as soon as possible it will enable us to try and accommodate your preferences. We are currently confident that we can offer geography, history, drama, art, photography, film studies, food technology and sport. This not an exhaustive list, so please contact us with other preferences.

My child is currently in Year 10. Will they be accepted at The Levels School?

Current Year 10 pupils could opt to retake Year 10, as at present the school does not have Year 11. The admissions process has to be followed to secure a space. Year 10s will progress into Year 11 in 2021.

Does Somerset local authority recognise The Levels School?

Somerset LA has said that the school can be provisionally named on the EHCP, subject to approval by the DfE. We are now consulting with Somerset following annual reviews and The Levels School being named as parental preference.

I have an annual review for my child shortly, can I name The Levels School as my preferred choice?

Yes, however this is only provisional until the DfE approves the school’s application.

What provision is there for SEN?

  • A specialist therapy team on site.

  • A core of staff with specialised qualifications in teaching and learning of children with dyslexia and co-occurring difficulties.

  • Small class sizes to promote and encourage a love of learning.

  • A calm sensory environment.

  • Dyslexic-friendly classrooms.

  • Use of assistive technology.

When will The Levels School open?

We are aiming to open the school in September 2020, subject to approval from the DfE and removal of Covid-19 restrictions.

Where is The Levels School located?

At Etonhurst, Ashcott.

My child was at Shapwick School, will they be accepted to The Levels School?

Each place is determined on the individual. An application will have to be submitted and the formal process followed.

Can I fund my own child’s place at the school?


What paperwork will I need to gain my place at The Levels School?

Ideally copies of recent reports, EHCP and EdPsych reports where applicable will be needed. These will be stored in accordance with GDPR.

How do I apply for a place for my child?

Go to Contact > Apply at the top of the page. Download the application form, fill it out, save it, and send it to office@thelevelsschool.co.uk. If you have any difficulties, please contact us and we will support you with this process.

Why are you not accepting Year 11 pupils?

The students have had their education disrupted and as such their outcomes will be affected. We will be asking local authorities to fund back-classed students in these exceptional circumstances. Many other specialist and independent schools will also be doing the same.

My annual review is coming up. Who can support me? What should I do?

Contact us through the website with specific details. Our team and former Shapwick staff are supporting parents with this process if the student is known to us.

I was a boarder at Shapwick. What options are open to me if I wanted to attend The Levels School?

The Levels School is a day school but we understand that some students that did board may want continuity with friends and a few core teachers. We are aware that some other day schools use companies that run a guardianship programme. We are researching this but you can also look into this independently.

You are a new school run by teachers as shareholders. How do we know you have the experience required to manage a successful school and lead its development and sustainability?

Caroline has over 20 years experience in education, 18 of those at Middle Leader level in both the curriculum and pastoral systems. Prior to Shapwick School she left an Associate Leadership post in a mainstream school to pursue the desire to work in Specialist education. She has been commended by OFSTED on more than one occasion for her strategic vision and leadership of Science departments containing 20+ members of staff.

Roger has over 20 years experience, 8 of them at Middle Leader level. He has experience of leadership and management in Sport as well as in education. Both Caroline and Roger have a specialist teaching qualification in working with children with dyslexia and cooccurring difficulties and have conducted extensive CPD over the last 12 months ranging from supporting children with anxiety, promoting well being, ADHD and Autistic Spectrum Differences.

Victoria Billany has worked in specialist education for over 20 years. She has a Post Graduate Diploma in SpLD (Dyslexia). This qualification provides her with the knowledge, understanding and skills to teach literacy and numeracy in a specialist, multi-sensory way to our students. She also is an accredited member of the British Dyslexia Association which enables her to assess learners for SpLD and exam access arrangements. Her experience in offering pastoral support to students from all Key Stages is second to none.

Ben Bridger has worked in education for 28 years. His role prior to The Levels School was as a middle leader for creative and performing arts in a school for children with specific learning difficulties.

Hannah Sargent is a passionate geography teacher with 12 years experience, six of which as Head of Geography and Curriculum Leader. She uses a range of teaching methods to inspire and excite pupils about her subject. She is experienced in timetabling, use of assessment to track data, and using management systems.

Dyslexic himself, The Levels School is Bradley Middleton’s vision born from a desire to get the best educational provision for your children - leaving no child behind! His passion and drive since the closure of Shapwick School has inspired The Levels Team to commit to try to create a school in a very short time scale. He has worked in specialist education providing high quality pastoral care for over 10 years and has previously worked as part of the Physical Education Team and was renowned amongst staff for his outstanding Sports Day organisation. His resilience and perseverance stemming from his previous role as a professional footballer enables him to keep pushing this project forward.

We are also supported by a governing body with highly experienced individuals from both business, industry and education.

How much does it cost to apply?

Nothing! Applying for a place at The Levels School is completely free.

Help! I'm struggling to download/fill in the application form.

This may be due to your device's settings. Try:

  • Turning off pop-up blockers if you have them.
  • Turning on 'editing' on your word processing software.
If you are still having difficulty, please contact us. We can support you by filling the form in for you over the phone.

I have been told I cannot name The Levels School on my child's EHCP because it has not had OFSTED. Is this true?

This is not true. However, you do need to consider that we are still subject to DfE registration so you could state that we are your first choice but would also like the Local Authority to consult with your second choice as well, explaining why we are the first choice (e.g. day school vs boarding).

Can I visit Etonhurst?

We are facilitating tours of Etonhurst on Tuesdays and Thursdays. To book one, please contact us at office@thelevelsschool.co.uk.

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