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Prep Life

A Message from Our Prep Head
Mrs Debbie Williams

Life in Key stage 2 for our students is one of  commencing an exciting journey of achievement, enjoyment, building relationships and creating life long memories. 

Often we are the starting point of their time at The Levels and have students who can express and portray trauma from previous settings. First and foremost it is our role to build secure and trusted relationships with our students and give them a feeling of being listened to, their needs being met and that school life can be a very happy and successful one. We value every student, their individual needs and continually evaluate how we meet these. Close links are formed with parents and carers through meetings, e mails, phone calls and visits to the school. 

We follow our values of Courage, Compassion and Creativity and encourage the students to reflect on these in their daily life. 

We love nothing better than going outside to extend our learning space, through PE, Forest School and other subject areas. 

Links with the local community are a strong part of our prep life and we enjoy investigating the local area and getting to know those who live there. 


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Foundation Subjects

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Meet The Team

Meet  Our Animals

Here in Key Stage 2, we have lots of wonderful animals

that live or visit us at school.

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