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We at The Levels School believe that happy children learn. In line with our newly written Wellbeing policy, we intend to have a well-deserved day off from The Levels School, over the Bank Holiday Weekend, so thought we would share our top tips for children and families on what we have learned from lockdown!​

Each person in the family chooses a film that everyone has to watch so that we all value everyone’s opinion. Mrs Cook has already watched Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel and many Star Wars movies since lockdown started!

Make sure you read a little each day in a quiet space in your house.

Have a go at inventing a new smoothie.

Bake some cookies as a family. We look forward to eating Mrs Cook’s Chocolate Insanity when the lockdown is lifted!

Go out for a walk at least once a day and then cross off the footpaths you have done so you keep finding new paths. Miss Hill is learning lots of new footpaths in her local area.

Try the Alexa daily trivia blast and beat the intro with the family.

Use some lego to play a creative version of Pictionary where you have to make the object on the card.

Mr Petch suggests turning your garden into an obstacle course as part of your daily exercise routine.

Video chat with your family regularly, there are many great apps to help you play games with them. Our favorite is Houseparty!

No tech before breakfast.

Try to escape the room on Alexa’s escape room app! Mrs Wolfman loves playing this with her family!

On your daily walk play a massive game of “the floor is lava”! Turn any feature on the pavement into the only thing that should be stood on and then balance, leap or jump onto the next item. Mr Bridger loves playing this with his kids every day!

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