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Student Mental Health

The student mental health team were selected for showing an interest, understanding and natural aptitude for empathy and listening skills. They know that if they are concerned for the welfare of another student, they should tell a staff member to ensure that responsibility is passed on. They meet at least once a half term to share ideas and recommend ways that staff at TLS can support the students’ mental health.  


As our student team bring forward new ideas, we will update this webpage so that these can be shared. 

Student Mental Health Team

Happy Apps

Jess, Eliza, Theo, Lucas and Alice met to try out some apps suited to mindfulness. They have picked out their favourites, shown below. All are free, and available on Apple and Android. 



HappiMe provides online therapy and confidence coaching for young people.

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-11 at 12.44.34 (2).jpeg

Happy Colour By Numbers

Relax with a little colour by numbers on your device.



Turn your device into a sketchpad and engage in some art therapy.

Mood Music

Music has an amazing effect on our moods. We can use it to allow ourselves a good cry, to encourage us to wake up, or to make us feel in the mood for a party! 

Theo loves to listen to rap music (clean!) to liven himself up. Eliza likes Beyonce or Radiohead to release anger, sad movie tracks to release sadness, and Cavetown or relaxing piano music to calm her down. Thank you to them both for their ideas. 

More Ideas

  • Run, knit, read, dance, go outside, skateboard, play cards! 

  • Alice loves to challenge others to a game of Uno 

  • Lucas feels happiest outside 

  • Could you teach a friend to knit?  

  • Get together with a friend or sibling and go out for a run if your health allows. Start slowly if you are not used to it. You could consider the couch to 5K programme.  

  • Play tennis or badminton at your local sports centre. Sport releases endorphins—feel good chemical in the brain which protect against low mood. 

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Mental Health

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