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Physical Education at The Levels School

The aim of PE and Games is to raise self-esteem and confidence through a bespoke, fun and challenging curriculum where pupils gain a sense of achievement and pride by developing each student beyond what thought they were capable of doing.  It is designed to build skills in teamwork, communication and leadership as well as balance and coordination which can be a challenge to dyslexic and dyspraxic children respectively. PE and Games aims to be fully inclusive, and challenges pupils to be their personal best whether that is starting at a foundation stage or performing at an elite level. Every success is recognised and celebrated. PE also raises awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle through a method that engages students through different activities.


Key Stage Two

KS2 students are taught in mixed-age and mixed-ability groups consisting of children from Years 4 to 6. All KS2 children are taught the same curriculum which is adapted for individual needs. 


Key Stage Three


Key Stage Four: Core

Students who opt not to take the examined Sports Science course will continue to do non-examined Physical Education. 

Level 1-2 Sport Science

At The Levels School, students can choose to follow the Cambridge Nationals Sports Science qualification at Key Stage 4. This qualification is offered due to its accessible assessment methods and range of interesting modules. Course content will be delivered via a mix of classroom based and applied practical lessons.


Students will study 4 modules including Principles of Training, Sports Injuries, The Bodies Responses to Exercise and Sports Psychology although other modules could be studied based on the interests of each cohort.


Students will also develop their leadership skills, improve their sports performance and increase their fitness levels.


Holiday Activities 

If you're looking to support your child's sports studies at home, try the following activities:

  • Join external sports clubs, such as Ashcott Football Club. 

  • Spend time enjoying the outdoors, such as going for a walk or playing outside. 

  • Engage in active play, such as playing football or tag. 

  • Play active games on the Wii. 

  • Watching and celebrating sports events, such as the Olympics. If parents are confident doing so, they can discuss the rules of the game or current topical issues around sports. 

Holiday Activities
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