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Colored Theatre Lights

Performing Arts at The Levels School

Performing arts for Key Stages 2 and 3 are designed to allow students to explore their sense of self, the social landscapes they are growing up in and the development of themselves people with a voice. The fundamental goal of performing arts pre-GCSE is to ensure that students develop a sense of confidence and self-esteem. To engender that, the lessons are built to support students in working creatively within small groups and individually toward a theme. Constructive criticism in peer review plays an important part of developing a good critical vocabulary while maintaining the importance of resilient, reflective development. It incorporates both music and drama, sometimes within the same module, or in rotation, to allow all students to find the ideal avenue for their expressive progress. Every child is involved in the development of work in lessons, either as a creator or as a supportive external director/critic, which helps build strong sense of team spirit and a willingness to engage.


Key Stage Two

KS2 students are taught in mixed-age and mixed-ability groups consisting of children from Years 4 to 6. All KS2 children are taught the same performing arts curriculum in a single year. To avoid repeating the same units, the KS2 curriculum has been mapped over two years, with students studying different units in years A and B. 


Key Stage Three

Holiday Activities

Holiday Activities 

If you're looking to support your child's performing arts studies at home, try the following activities:

  • Watch theatre productions, especially at a theatre if you can but at home is also great. Some theatre productions can be found for free on YouTube. 

  • Watch a range of films and TV shows and then discuss them afterwards. 

  • Listen to music from as many different artists and genres as possible, and talk about the music at home. You could discuss how different music makes us feel, what instruments are used to make different sounds, etc. 

  • Play karaoke games - these can be done at home if children are anxious about singing in front of others. There are lots of great karaoke videos on YouTube!

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