Curriculum Intent

The aims and values of the School are focused on maximising every individual’s potential to develop into a confident, secure, well-adjusted and skilled individual who will be able to embrace their learning differences, accepting who they are and developing a strong self-concept. Each individual will be able to make a positive contribution to society and live an independent life.

From our experience in teaching individuals with learning differences like dyslexia and similar we understand the need for students to have a curriculum that maximises sequential teaching and provides ample opportunities for repetition.

Our curriculum design allows for concepts to be introduced earlier in the curriculum than perhaps would occur when following the National Curriculum more rigidly. Exposing the students to these concepts earlier accompanied with key skills means that they are starting their preparations for their KS4/GCSE outcomes earlier.

Many dyslexic students and those with similar needs often present with an uneven cognitive/learning profile. This presents strengths as well as difficulties. Our curriculum aims to identify and maximise these strengths as early as possible. Our teachers deliver lessons in their specialist subject areas and differentiate the content material accordingly. They are aware of not only where the journey starts at KS2 but also all through to the outcomes at KS4 and for most, beyond.

Individuals will benefit from teachers meeting their needs and planning their education from the start of their journey in key-stage 2, through to key stage 4 and into preparation for further education and employment.

As a school, we seek to a curriculum which is adapted to meet the needs of our cohort, which:

Promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of all children at the school, whatever their special needs or abilities.

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