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Remote Learning

Remote Learning is embedded in The Levels School’s pedagogy and is one of many routes we use to support our students' return to full-time education. It is an important tool for supporting students who are unable to physically attend school due to anxiety or through long-term, illness-related absence.

Within school, all teaching staff are responsible for setting work and coordinating remote learning sessions with students. All remote learning session dates and times will be logged with the Head of Therapy and Pastoral Lead, and then the DSL and/or SENDCo, as appropriate.

Pupils learning remotely are expected to:

  • Be contactable during the hours of a normal school day, while acknowledging they may not be present in front of that device during the entire time.

  • Complete work to the deadline set by teachers.

  • Seek help if they need it from teachers.

  • Alert teachers if they’re not able to complete work.

  • Use blank backgrounds and wear appropriate dress when in virtual meetings. 

Parents with children learning remotely are expected to:

  • Make the school aware if their child is sick or otherwise can’t complete work, via email on the same day. 

  • Seek help from the school if they need it via the school website or through their child’s tutor. 

  • Follow the complaints procedure if issuing a complaint. 

Facilitating Remote Learning

Staff will use a variety of techniques to facilitate remote learning according to the needs of the student. Primarily, remote learning will take place through Office 365, with which all students have an account. Teachers may make use of Teams, Outlook and OneNote to deliver content in dynamic and engaging ways. 

At The Levels School, we understand that remote learning can be stressful for students with anxiety. To support students, we will ensure: 

  • Clear learning outcomes and expected amount of work to be completed within a session. 

  • Clear instructions on how completed work is to be uploaded. 

  • Work set is done sympathetically and thoughtfully, ensuring pupils with limited access to devices can still complete the work.

  • Flexibility with the curriculum to accommodate remote learning. 

  • Completed work will be marked promptly and feedback provided. 

  • Emails from parents and pupils should be answered within 24 hours. If it will take longer, staff will send a holding email to acknowledge receipt of the initial contact and an approximate date/time for returning the email.

  • Locations chosen for virtual meetings will be sensitive to the learning needs of our students, e.g. avoiding areas with background noise and using blank walls. 

If a student is failing to complete work regularly, staff will notify the SENDCo, Head of Therapy and DSL to flag any potential safeguarding issues.

Security & Data Protection

When accessing personal data for remote learning purposes, all staff members will ensure that they follow GDPR and the Digital Safety Policy. These can be accessed on the Policies & Key Documents page. 

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