Remote Learning

In the current COVID-19 climate, we understand that home learning is a challenge for many parents. Although The Levels School is not yet a fully operational school, our staff team are willing to support applicants immediately if we are able to.

If you have filled out the application form, take a look at the options below to see what support we might be able to provide for your child. 

For additional support with remote learning, take a look at our useful links.

Home Projects

Different teaching staff have collaborated to create cross-curricular home learning projects for students to complete. Each project lasts 4-6 weeks and spans multiple subjects. 

Students who have signed up for this will be assigned a member of staff who will send them work weekly. The student can send work back for the teacher to check and mark. 

This option is completely free for any student who has applied for a place at The Levels School. Simply fill out the form below to sign up. 

At the moment, home learning projects are communicated via email. We are aiming to be able to do this through our website soon, via a system of logging in. 

Remote Tutoring

Many members of our team are privately tutoring students in addition to working hard to create The Levels School.

Private tutoring is being offered individually by teachers for a weekly fee and not by The Levels School as a company. Understandably, there are limited slots available. 

The Local Authorities should be funding a remote learning provision. We appreciate that students feel most comfortable with teachers they know. 

If your child has an ECHP then you should have been approached by your LA and given forms to claim back tutoring costs including therapy.

Home Learning Projects Sign Up

To sign up for the Home Projects (as explained above in the white box), please fill out the form below. For general enquiries and applications, please go to to the enquiries page.

Have you applied for a place at The Levels School?

Student Work: Home Learning Project

Student Work

'Why Rugby Should Be Gender Neutral: Rugby From a Girl's Point of View' by Jess, Year 10

Have you had a positive experience with us?

If you've had a positive experience with our teachers, therapists, tutors or home learning services, please let us know at compliments@thelevelsschool.co.uk.

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