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Welcome to Therapy Corner! On this page we have resources and tips to help you support your child during lockdown. 

Mental Health

18th - 24th May was Mental Health Awareness Week. At The Levels School we firmly believe that good mental health is vital to learning, growing and coping with all the things that happen to us. These recent months have been strange for all of us. We have had to learn to work, meet friends, workmates, and family online. We haven’t been able to go to the park, to the beach or to a friend’s house. We haven’t been able to hug grandma or grandpa, or friends and family who don’t live with us.

Lockdown and coronavirus has changed the way that we are living our lives and for many of us, this has made us anxious and worried about what is happening and what might happen in the coming weeks and months. Over Mental Health Awareness week we shared a mindfulness idea every day for you to help you to manage your anxiety. We are all different and we all have different ways of coping but we hope that you find some of the suggestions helpful.

Music has huge benefits for our mental health. Music can calm us, help us feel happy, make us want to dance, sometimes even make us cry. So today try listening to a piece of music that makes you happy or makes you want to dance. We asked staff at The Levels to tell us their favourite pieces of uplifting music. Click the button below for our playlist.

Maybe you could ask your friends and family for their favourites? Make a happy place playlist. Send us your suggestions and ideas and we can share them.

Mindful Music Monday

Mindfulness Ideas

Lockdown 2.0 and Tier Resources 

As the country comes out of Lockdown 2.0 and we move into the tier system, here are some more mental health &  wellbeing resources!

  • The Levels Happy Songs: following on from Mindful Music Monday in Lockdown 1.0, and in light of our gaining Department for Education registration, staff at The Levels School have put together a happy playlist. 

  • Tiers Without Tears: tips for supporting mental health and wellbeing during the tiers system. 

Word Game of the Week!

Silly stories...

  • This game works best with 3+ players.

  • You each start with a piece of paper. You can print out the template or make your own.

  • You need to think of a story, with the following sections:

    • Who?

    • Where?

    • When?

    • What happened? (bad event)

    • What happened? (solution)

    • So what? (conclusion)

  • The players each write a phrase as the first step in a story, and then fold the paper to hide the phrase before passing it to the next player.

  • This continues until each piece of paper has a complete story.

  • Take turns to read out the completed stories.

  • You can the all vote for the funniest story.


  • No reading or writing:

    • Think of a creature or animal. This may be real of made up.

    • Draw the head at the top of the piece of paper then fold it over and pass it to the next player.

    • Continue to do this for the: neck, arms, body, legs and feet.

    • Reveal your creatures and vote for the best one.

    • Finish by giving the creature a name and making up a story about the creature.

What areas does this game help?

  • Social skills:

    • This game help children practising taking turns which is an important skill for initiating and maintaining conversations. It also encourages students to listen to other people’s ideas in a fun and supportive way.

  • Narrative:

    • This game encourages students to create a story whilst helping them to sequence the events and give sufficient detail. This is an important skill for both their spoken language (e.g. telling you what happened in their day) and literacy development (e.g. making and retelling stories).

Previous Word Games

20 Questions

Don't say the word!


I went to the shops...

What's in the bag?

Silly stories

Downloadable Resources

The following resources are free to download and use. 

Supporting Child Wellbeing During School Closures

10 tips from the Royal College of Occupational Therapists.

Make Your Own Timetable

Establish routines with this editable timetable.

Play Dough Recipes

Make your own play dough as a fiddle or sensory toy!

Word of the Week

An activity to support speech & language development using our WOTW.

Coronavirus Explained

A dyslexia- and child-friendly document explaining the pandemic.

Top Tips for Quaranteens

Written by a Year 10 student, these tips will help with lockdown!

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