Our Vision

The motivation behind The Levels School is to provide high quality, inclusive education for individuals who have been adversely affected by their dyslexia and other difficulties often making it difficult to access learning.

As a new school we will be committed to the philosophy that each student should:


  • Have a positive experience of learning all aspects of the curriculum

  • Understand that barriers to learning can be overcome.

  • Enjoy their learning and remain resilient to succeed.

  • Show continuous progression and improvement.

  • Achieve their full potential.

Our Ethos

Our ethos will encompass a culture of inclusivity where students are aware of their rights, develop responsibility, learn to respect others and in turn are respected. We will enable students to learn through enquiry and discovery via a multi-sensory approach, capturing interest and inspiring natural curiosity and creativity. Learning will be interesting, accessible and relevant to all.

Our Mission Statement

The Levels School exists to provide a nurturing environment in which students with specific learning difficulties and co-occurring diagnoses can develop their self-esteem and aspire to be independent young adults. 


Using a trauma-informed approach and an obligation to develop the social skills required to build their future, we exist to help them find their level.  

Our Values

We aim to nurture in our students the same values which drive our team to turn this dream into a reality.

  • Courage: to meet new challenges with bravery and resilience and to never give up.

  • Compassion: to be kind to ourselves and others and to celebrate what makes us unique.

  • Creativity: to explore the world with curiosity and develop creative thinking skills.

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